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Find internet Blog. It is always fun to write Blog posts, though one never knows if anyone actually reads them or not! Hopefully you find these Blog posts to be informative and helpful in your search for finding internet plans from internet service providers in your area. Happy reading!

Find internet plans available at my address. Finding a Canadian Internet Service Provider (ISP) can certainly be a challenge at times. You might live in a rural area and have a hard time finding any internet service providers at all, or you might live in a Canadian major city, and have lots of Internet Service Providers to pick from! Well we hope that by making this website we will help you find the internet service provider to best meet your needs, and at the best price. In Canada, there are big and small internet providers, good and average internet providers. Among these internet service providers, high speed internet providers, one can find the best internet provider, as well as the cheapest internet plans and internet services. This is especially handy of you are searching for Canadian home internet providers, Canadian ISPs, Canadian cable internet or Canadian ISP providers.

Why is it so hard to get internet in rural areas? Well the simple answer to that question is really one of cost and profit. It costs companies money to provide services in areas, and if there is not a large population base, they might not be able to make enough money to cover the cost, and not be able to make a profit. (The long answer is far more complicated.)

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The internet provider industry in Canada is very much different than that in the USA. For example in the USA there do not appear to be government mandated home internet resellers, only a few large companies. In Canada the CRTC did mandate competition in the home internet market place, which allows various smaller internet service providers to exist in Canada, though they are unable to expand into the home internet market place in the USA as those opportunities do not exist there. An example of such a company would include WRS Web Solutions Inc. Most Canadian ISPs compete over 'rented' cable TV lines, and to a much lesser extent over phone company owned DSL capable phone lines, though not all phone lines are DSL capable and DSL internet speeds tend to be slow. The CRTC considered allowing such smaller ISPs to enter the mobile phone market place on a similar basis, but in the end decided against permitting such competition, which may have served to keep Canadian mobile phone rates high when compared to many other countries.